Resize array in array (multidimensional handling)

Hey, I need a help!

I try a multi level inventory (each clothes as array), and i try make a resize in second level array, and I check the inventories[RobotVest] array’s length, and result is 0.

I quest. Can I Handling a multidimensional array in blueprint? I read a post from 2018, the BP doesn’t support the array in array structures. It’s real, or resolved?

How I can make this inventory in another scripts?


1: Inventory GUI
2: Inventories structure (“BP tölti fel” => “Source from BP”)
3: Multi array resize (Doesn’t work)
4: Read arrays length’s (All time return 0)

When you get an item from a struct, it’s as a copy and not as a reference. You have to copy over everything so a new struct, resize the new struct, then insert the new struct back into the array of structs at the same index.