Reset matinee after respawn

Hi, I am trying to reset my matinees ,elevators and bridges, after the character has been respawned.
I have followed Peter L. Newton blueprint on how to sep up respawns and checkpoints. So far I have succeded with one checkpoint.
Now my character goes to the checkpoint but the matinees need to go back to 0 so the character can use those actors at their right initial position.
All my matinees are in the same level.
Thanks a lot for your time and help in advance.

Adding a “set position” before “play”.
“set position” sets everything back to the first frame of the matinee on keypress, so matinee replays.

Hi, well,… I need the matinees to stay at their end position when the player does not die. Some are bridges and elevators so the player can go forward or backwards.
What I was looking for is a reset of the matinees just in case of the character being respawned.

Somehow the player controller should call the reset of the matinees when the pawn respawns??? I think an event dispatcher could do that but I do not know how to do it.