Reset Blueprint?

Hi all

Am new to UE4 and have a script issue that i cant figure out. Its most likely that i am missing something small or large so if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

The Blueprint opens and closes as intended as it fires for the first time but then stops as nothing is there to tell it to go back to the beginning or that the trigger volumes no longer being triggered. Please help if at all possible.

Also apologies if this is n the wrong place.Or duplicated thread.

Use for example “Event Actor End Overlap” and “DoOnce”. Connect them both together. The first exec you connect with Begin Overlap and the second one “reset” you connect with End Overlap. If that’s what you wanted.

I plugged in a “DoOnce” then added a “End Actor End Overlap” and what changed was that you had to walk into the trigger volume 2 times and then it would run and break . I even took the "Do Once to the end of the Blueprint to see if i plug it in at the end wit reverse if that would work sadly no luck. Thank you for the advice thought :slight_smile: .

IIRC In this graph the ForEachLoop node is redundant. If a function node (ActivateDoor) has an array connected to Target input, then it is executed for each element of the array.