Research - Recording Game Data UE4

Hello all,

I am in PhD and spend a decent amount of time learning the art of game design. I would like to use UE4 to do some research but I am unsure how to gather data. In the past, I have let participants use my computer and then written the data to an excel file using a plugin, and exported the data to an email in CSV format via a plugin. I need to get larger scale. So I have two options. The first I explored was HTML5 for UE4, which has just been a pain. The second I thought of is to publish to steam and participants can download it. Either way, how would I export the data? Suppose I record the time when they click a button, or what response they make (ABCD form), etc. I could export it all email CSV again but that was so so tedious. Any suggestions?

Replay system, Server Demo … store it on the server.

Potentially the HTTP Streamer

You don’t need to EMAIL a CSV file. You could use a HTTP uploader to post to a site.
Or you could just post the data directly, using CSV, or XML, or JSON format, using a HTTP POST or PUT request. Could even be done in the game itself, with a small bit of scripting.
Another option is to integrate with one of the “analytics” engines, such as Google Analytics, which let you insert whatever “probes” / attributes you want, and then use the analytics provider interface to download the data (as well as analyze/slice/dice it.)
It all depends on what your specific needs are.

I would go either with the program doing a HTTP POST of actions taken, every so often, OR integrating with something like Google Analytics.
(Actually, I’d integrate with the analytics that my own company builds, but you probably don’t have your own analytics company just yet :smiley: )