Rescaling canvas panal? Images Dont fit


Im sure its a super easy fix But Im just not understanding what my image is doing compared to the editor.

My canvas panal (workspace) seems to be stuck in 1920x1080.

I want to work in 2560x1440 as Im photoshopping and editng in those sizes, Ive expanded the canvas panal so it does say 2560x1440[16:9] In the bottom left but the resolutions dont actually change.

It means all my images are scaled down to 1080.

My charecter image I want is currently 749x1440 in photoshop which will take up a section of the screen, but inside the canvas panal, the sizebox is showing 430somethingx1080.
(Sorry I closed everything as Im on my way out the door.)

If this doesnt make sense Ill get some pictures together.

Im sure its just something in project settings I cant find.

any help would be huge! I really wanna crack on when I get back after work.

Thanks for reading.

First, open the textures and ensure that “Max Texture Size” is set to 0 and that you are using UI texture compression. Now, open the widget(s) and change the anchoring of the images to 0,0 minimum and 1,1 maximum. If that doesn’t help, then expand the Brush property and change the ‘Image Size’ to your desired value.

My image size is exactly what I want it to be and shows correctly, But it just doesnt fit the canvas which assumably is stuck in 1080.

For example my canvas is at 1920x1080 but I want my canvas to be 2560x1440

My white image to show it is 739x1440 which exceeds the canvas. but I dont want to scale it down to fit inside of the 1920x1080 canvas.

Is there a reason the canvas panal or editor work space is 1920x1080 regardless of the size you drag it too?

Ah I figured it out. In the top right you can set a custom workspace insted of fill screen.

I set that to 2560x1440 and now it works beautifully. Thanks for the workflow :slight_smile:

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