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Actor in mocap costume, face is tracking by iPhone, in real time animates the character in Unreal

  1. Unite in Unreal Engine: mocap equipment Perception Neuron Studio + Iphone + HTC VIVE base station + HTC VIVE trackers, the list of plug-ins - iphone live link, PN live link will be lower.
  2. Make the absolute positioning (in addition to moccap suit, add to the body of the actor trackers, one on the head, two on the hands), base stations hang on the walls of the studio and read the position of the trackers in space, the actor character can take the items on which will be tracker VIVE, in real time
  3. Collect ready-made riga with extra bones and blendshades in anryle - example
  4. Coordinate all working moments with artists, Rigaer, vfx-er and collect the final working version of the project, optimization and appearance.
  5. Add Digital Human features to your character -
  6. Physics of the character and environment, chest, buttocks are primitive by pressing, jiggle -, earrings dangling, setting up a ready-made Asset in anryl, add physics apex on clothes, add physics of behavior of ready hair -
  7. Shaders, Customize materials in the anryl
  8. Add the function of broadcasting the real image from the monitor to the virtual screen in real time, streaming the screen into the texture (ref -
  9. Strip games without background (example ,
  10. Add DLSS, RTXGI, the full list is fired with the filler
  11. Ability to change clothes, setting up ready-made clothing for the finished model of the character
  12. Set the flight path for robots cameras, do what you can do First Person View from the eyes of a robot camera, set the flight path for flying ships
  13. Logic of camera behavior, strip operator can move the camera at will, adjust the points in space between which the camera can move, in real time
  14. Skinning, blanchipes if you can
  15. An artist does not have an rtx card, how to connect an rtx if his video card does not support this technology?

Plug-ins .
Iphone + unreal live link remmapping

PN Studio + unreal live link

PN Studio + unreal plugin
Webinar to install a moccap suit in the unreal

Tasks for 3d character artist

  1. to make the same ratio of body length of the real actor with the virtual character
  2. change the polygonal mesh of the already existing model, highlight the ribs, press, collarbone, blades, etc.
  3. add all new technologies that are possible
  4. 3 variants of a meikap, one is already there.
  5. 3 variants of eye color, some ready-made eyes with this technology already exist, the work is described in the article - , the task to finalize the ready-made variant and change the texture to get two other eye colors.
  6. 2 options eyebrows, one is, try making eyebrows with GroomHair technology
  7. There is a ready-made hair asset GroomHair, you need to adjust the physics of hair behavior in the engine, you need to do two more versions of the hair (example
  8. Rig Skin, blanchards
  9. Clothing design
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