Requesting License Subscription

Hey guys, do you know roughly how long it takes for Epic to reply when you email them about license subscriptions?

They don’t do subscriptions anymore. If you don’t like the default royalty terms–paying 5% royalty every quarter for amounts above $3,000 then you have to negotiate a new license agreement with them. Unless you have a game that would potentially make a lot of money then it’s not going to be worth it–for example if a AAA game makes $50 million then the royalty would be $2.5 million which is well above what would be paid for engine licensing outright, so they’ll negotiate a license so they would pay less than that.

I dont mind the 5%
I just mean that I wanted to get the ball rolling with that.
If I went along as I am, went onto greenlight, even made £1, how do they get 5% of it if we dont talk about it?
Wouldn’t have thought it would be automatic, unless it is, then darn (sorry).


Have a read of this link Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine, it details what needs to be done in terms of communicating with Epic about your game release and collecting revenue and royalties.

And you wouldn’t pay anything if you just made £1 :). Only for amounts above $3000 per quarter.

Thank you thats really what I needed!

You don’t have to pay anything if you make less than $3,000 a quarter–meaning every 3 months, and that’s only on the amount above the $3,000

I just wasnt sure how the process worked and I didnt want to go ahead and potentially start selling without going through the proper channels.