I have three request, the first one is not so important, but the last one is critical for 2D development.

  1. Stop having Unreal send an execute request for the launcher. - When I open Unreal, it often looks something like this.

Open the launcher.
Click launch.
Close the launcher.
Launcher re opens.
Close the launcher.
Open the project.
Launcher re opens.

Please, do not send an execute request when opening the engine. If I open a .uproject directly, it’s because I am intentionally avoiding the launcher.

  1. Animation notify for Paper 2D. - This would be SUPER useful for complicated 2D games, for reasons that are apparent.

  2. Get/Set Animation Frame for Paper 2D. - For simple games, a timeline based approach for 2D animation is fine, but there is currently no known reliable way of getting or even setting the animation frame. This is critical since we:

A). Don’t have anim notify.
B). This is critical for fighting games, or any Paper2D game with complicated player re-action.

I get this feeling someone might drop by and say that the timeline based approach to controlling flipbooks is fine. It isn’t. We need the ability to set and get the current frame of animation reliably, every single time.

  • Thanks for all of you hard work and time Unreal!

Hi TheBritain,

These are great suggestions! I have entered feature requests for each suggestion as UE-13086, UE-13089, and UE-13091 to be considered by the development staff.

Hey, thanks for your time, I know there isn’t allot of it to spare. The first two are essential, but if Unreal gets on top of that third request, you will have a feature that even Unity doesn’t have. That would be awesome. /)0.0(\

UE-13091 (Flipbooks: Added SetPlaybackPositionInFrames and GetPlaybackPositionInFrames to UPaperFlipbookComponent) was added in but as I mentioned in one of your other threads it is no different to doing it manually right now using Get/SetPosition + GetFlipbook->GetNumFrames/GetFramesPerSecond, it’s just a more convenient wrapper.

Michael Noland

Thanks! I was not having any luck with accuracy when doing this myself. I tried a similar solution, though it doesn’t echo this code exactly, so we will give this a shot! Is there any chance in the near future of getting anim notifies for Paper2D? If not, we can work with this so long as we are able to accurately get and set the frame of animation. Can’t wait for the live stream!

Thanks again for hearing and implementing our request.