Request: Turn Based Strategy related tutorials


If anyone can create a tutorial for general turn based strategy mechanics and/or concepts it would be much appreciated!

Hex Tiles and Map Generation
Game Setup
Unit Movement on a Hex Map
Fog of War & Exploration
Resource Generation, Storage, & Trading

This is a pretty grat road to start down and thankfully Epic has the StrategyGame sample available to start off with. It is also worth noting - many of these subjects are not UE4 specific. Sources like TIG forums and the GameDev section of stack overflow have addressed exactly these issues. They are not sources to overlook.

Hopefully as development continues for us all the information you are looking for will be found, and shared with the community!

Thanks I will check those out.

However, I was looking for tutorials that involved UE4 and Blueprint as most older stuff is in C++ or using older versions of Unreal.

On another note, I did make some decent progress over the past 2 days. I made a hexagon static mesh from a cylinder brush and then managed to create a blueprint that neatly lays them out in a map shape.

Blueprint is pretty awesome considering I have limited scripting experience and almost no C++ ability. All I had to go by was the Procedural Generation tutorial which is pretty limited.

Did this in construction. I feel like there should be a way reduce it by 30-40%, but my brain gets tied up in knots when trying to think about looping the loops. Let me know if anyone has any tips I could use. :slight_smile:

You are going to be up a creek in regards to finding too many tutorials for UE4, as it was just released. As i said before, you are going to have to dive in and do some technical innovation on your own for now. Parts of your game will be able to be written, but realistically speaking - you cant expect a tutorial to be written about how to create your game, otherwise your game is not innovative enough to be interesting. Tutorials are about helping you not reinvent the wheel.

Which is why I am requesting such tutorials, because they don’t exist.

Which I have already shown that I am willing to do(2 posts up).

Did I ask anyone to make a game for me? No, I asked for some basic tutorials shared by a broad spectrum of turn based games.

I don’t know what your problem is, but you seem to be reading way to much into a simple request made for some turn-based tutorials among the room full of FPS tutorials.

Fair enough. My comments are likely tainted by a past pock marked with requests similar to the above ballooning and I was attempting to cut it off at the pass.

Building out a game like this in BP will be a hell of an under taking. I am subscribed and looking forward to further updates.

I understand, and there is a fair chance my motivation runs out or I get distracted before I can complete this. Odds are against me, but as long as I enjoy the process and learn something along the way it is all good.

I spent about 700 hours modding Civilization 5 and I have long felt the Civ genre/format is extremely under represented in the game industry. So that is my motivation as long as I can keep it fed with progress. :slight_smile: