[Request] Spinner Value for Location (and Scale)

I noticed the “Roll Value” for rotation and was wondering if there was something similar for Location and Scale or if I missed it. It would be very handy to have.

Update: Now that i’ve used rocket for awhile now I see a lot of values have spinners but location is one place i continue coming back to wishing it had one.

I’m not quite sure I understand. Location is jut a translation value, so cannot contain a rotation component.


Im talking about putting these on Location and Scale so that you can click and drag the values (nudge the values)

Thanks for clarifying. You wish to be able to click-and-drag to adjust the values for Location and Scale. (these are also sometimes called “spinners”)

This request is already documented and under consideration.


A few new builds have come out sense posting this and I still constantly find myself wanting a spinner on location, almost every day. Is there a reason this feature might not be included? Thanks!

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your question. When looking into our database, it became apparent that the request Stephen had found had been lost, most likely due to a misfiling after a shift we made with the database. I went ahead and updated our database with a fresh request for this feature. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you.

Thank you,