[Request] SpeedTree Tuts!

I know it’s not officially out for UE4 yet, but I’m really hoping some of the great minds here come up with some good SpeedTree tutorials, since at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much out there.

I’m specifically wondering how to create custom trees, with my own bark & leaves. And REALLY wondering about how to use it to create foliage… Grass, shrubs, hedges (hedge maze!) wildflowers, etc.

I’m pretty sure SpeedTree have their own documentation on a fair amount of things and are planning more tutorials already (at least, according to the Twitch stream).


We don’t yet have as many UE4/SpeedTree learning resources as we’d like, but there are a few:

  • Our Modeler documentation is pretty thorough and online in wiki format. It’s got some UE4-specific stuff, too.
  • Our YouTube channel has a handful of tutorial videos, including one dedicated to getting started. They’re a little dated but still applicable. All of them are done by the lead developer of the Modleler app, Michael Sechrest.
  • Our forum is filled with posts about modeling and getting the most out of the Modeler. Feel free to stop by and ask us anything you like. Questions are answered directly by our staff artists and engineers.
  • When UE 4.3 final is released, we’ll open our new tree store section just for UE4 subscribers. We won’t have a ton of models to start with, but they will be of very high quality with a real-time focus.

Hope this helps!

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Will you include some free models too or do they all carry a price tag?

Hi - we do plan to offer a few free models so people can see how the integration works. They’ll be made available on our site when the final UE 4.3 is released. Thanks for your interest!


Thats great to hear. Thank you so much Chris. I have a question about the subscription. After subscription can we cancel it and continue using the modeler and re-subscribe only if we need newer versions (Just like UE4) or do we have to stay subscribed to use the modeler?

I believe they answered that question in the Twitch stream. If you cancel the subscription, you no longer have access to the modeler. It requires an active subscription to login and use it.

Oh ok…Thank you for the answer Daniel. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few tuts ready, once 4.3 releases :slight_smile:

Very nice, thank you good sir :slight_smile:

You’re doing God’s work! It’s all we can do to get this release ready to go.


I’ll be doing a live stream on SpeedTree tonight at 9pm EST, covering as much as I can: Details - https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?19374-Live-Stream-SpeedTree-UE4-Integration-Tuesday-July-15th-at-9PM-Est&p=96538#post96538

Just curious , no recorded video for people having missed it ?

Here’s the recorded version.

hahah i must be stupid now (never used Twitch).