[REQUEST] Practical animation system breakdown using real-life, so to speak, examples

I was going through animation docs, and while there are plenty of info about it, it’s somewhat abstract. I couldn’t wrap my head around just making simple animated actors :frowning: It would be nice if Epic anim team could make a stream or something showing us, layman, how to use animation stuff in certain cases.

For example, if I have an actor with several anims and I simply want to keep it in idle, but then switch to another anims on trigger (or blend into other anims), what do I use ?

If I want to make my player vault a ledge when player is jumping over it, what do I use?

If I have player or AI jumping, how to I make it do a cartwheel while in the air?

Things like that. There are a few tutorials on player animation, but nothing about working with anims for non-player / non-AI actors. It doesn’t really have to be step-by-step guide, but something that is easily digestible that can be applied across the board and helps building foundation for aspiring game animators (whether it’s characters or environments).