[REQUEST] Need FBX exported from Maya with LOD groups

I talked to Blender devs about adding support for LOD groups into Blender’s FBX exporter, and they need sample FBX (binary and ascii) files. One would contain only one LOD group (perhaps the same as in UE4 docs) with simple subdivided cubes, and another FBX file would contain several (let’s go for 3) LOD groups.

Can someone, who has Maya, create such test case please? (I know Maya trial can be downloaded for free, but I’ve never worked with Maya and it would be waste of everyone’s time if I attempt to learn it just to make a test case)

Thanks beforehand!

P.S. Please make sure you Maya FBX loads into UE4 and LODs get set up automatically as per docs.

If anything, maybe Epic could provide such test case ?

No one sent you nothing ?

Nope, unfortunately no one :frowning:

Here’s the sample files you asked for. All four of them are FBX2016, with both ASCII and binaries. I can send you older fbx versions if needed. The automatic LOD import works fine in UE4.