[REQUEST] Move pivot here

I asked for this on forum, because I wasn’t sure if it’s really missing, or I’m just blind.

In UDK if I had “bad” model, then I just right clicked on model and selected “move pivot here”, and navigation controls just jumped to place where I put RMB on. It was good also for animating doors, as I moved pivot to door corner and rotated it just like a door should rotate. Can I ask for “Move pivot here” option in next build?

They will probably add feature: https://rocket.unrealengine.com/questions/2479/set-pivot-point.html

Hi Marcin,

As Philipp has stated, we are aware that this is a feature that users would like and developers are considering implementing it. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see in editor.



Oh, this is so huge for me…used it a thousand times on a ton of projects for a lot of reasons. What is vetting process for removing a feature of Editor ?What if devs needed it ? Is there a way for devs to make their own tool here ?

Hi David,

This feature has been assigned to a developer, but it may take some time to be implemented. If you would like to make your own tool for pivot point control, you may wish to contact Rocket-Beta@epicgames.com and ask about getting access to source code. That will allow you to directly alter engine tools to fit your needs.


Hi there!

As i am aswell really in need of this feature to bring my game idea to life i am also very interested in getting this feature in engine. Are there any updates of progress on this feature yet?

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This is an archived thread, put here for reference. If you would, please start a new question for us so we can address issue there. Thanks!