[Request] Movable Crate / Box help

Hi, I am trying to create a movable crate that the player can jump on top of when it is placed where they want it to be. (For example, the player pushes the crate below the window. When it is under the window, the player jumps on it to get through the window.)

I am using the First Person template.

I created a static mesh of a box with the simplified 6DOP collision. I made it “movable”. I clicked “simulate physics”. That lets the player move it around. But the player cannot jump on top of it.

When I turn off movable and physics, the player CAN jump on top of it.

What step am I missing here to make it both movable and able to jump on top of?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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What collision presets and settings are you using? The box might be ignored.

Maybe this article helps: