[REQUEST] Materialized clipping X/Y/Z planes for Pivot of selected actor or Volumes

I cant visualize where exactly located Pivot, whithout translucent 3D clipping planes, which are entering/crossing into 3D objects.

Also, as a bonus, i dont like existing UE4.1.0 “Grid plane”, because it uses “Lines”, but i need “3D plane with translucent material”, to see clip entries/crossing of all objects into Undergound or Aboveground.

Also, as a bonus, i dont like existing “Volumes”, because they uses “Lines”, but i need “3D plane with translucent material for each side, diffirent for inside and outside”, to see indents + coverage of all objects Inside or Outside. I suggest to use “Lines” for unselected Volumes, and “Translucent planes” for selected volumes, for better visualization.

Also, any selected Vertex, for example while editing BSP, should also have “Translucent clipping planes”.

Translucent clipping planes, should have global configuration (for example Viewport Options) to setup maximum X/Y/Z planes absolute size (i.e. size increasing when camera distance increasing from selected actor) for Pivot or Vertex, or to setup translucency alpha + coloration, turn on Gridding for every plane, show planes by pressing Alt or other button or show them always, show “Darken tranclucent plane” behind/inside other solid objects OR totally hide unseen parts, etc.