[REQUEST] Landscape Materials

Hey, I have been having lots of trouble with making a good looking material for my world with paintable textures within it with no tiling. I think a nice landscape material pack with setup materials that do not tile and have the ability to switch out the textures within them would be great. Thanks!

Did you already had a look at the materials provided by Epic? There are some great landscape materials already there. Have a look at the Landscape Mountains and the Vehicle game.

Also, check out the landscape material in the stylized demo. It’s actually pretty fascinating once you dig into it.

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look.

I have a Landscape Material in my next asset pack being released on the Marketplace, it’s a tessellated material but you could easily remove the tessellation nodes and disable tessellation in the material for just a standard landscape material.

It’s also setup for instancing so you can adjust things like tiling, etc.

Here is the link with more info -