[REQUEST] kind of...

Hey guys. Is there any chance that we get 60fps version of kite and infiltrator demo? You guys already done, so i think its just matter of clicking button right?

Well, the Kite Demo was running on the best available graphics card, GTX Titan X. And there it only runs with 30fps :rolleyes: So a 60fps version would not be realtime.

I had 3 minute video which runs 20fps on my computer and when i render using matinee i set it to 60 and output video comes out 60FPS video. So thought this could be piece of cake for them unless they’re using different software xD

sorry. Its mid night almost dawn here. I think i got your message wrong haha. All i wanted to do see is that little bit of nerd thing you know… i love 60 fps, everyone loves 60fps. So yeah just for fun xD