[REQUEST] Ignore Root Motion.

So in UE4 you can set an animation to be root motion but missing is a switch to ignore root motion if it is applied to the animation but is not required.

As an animator this would make life easier as all animations could be authored using root motion or even in place if the character movement component is used.

A practical application is the game our team is developing is a network multiplayer and since the use of root motion is rather a new concept as to it’s use in a networked video game as far as replication goes using in place and the character movement component is a more logical and reliable choice.

To work around the need to make authoring easier one of our coders added a function to the code that would parse the animation but ignore the root motion data applied to the root and in essence converting the RM back to being in place bound to the movement component. The up side is having access to the benefits of both types of animation. The reliability of the networked movement component could be driven by the animation data contained with in the root object as a means to larp as just another form of input data.