Request for video viewer similar to UE3 forum

Dear Friends at Epic,

The new image viewer with multi-image browsing is super awesome and polished!

Thanks so much!

For those of you not sure what I mean, here’s my public thanks and a demonstration of the new image viewer



Could you implement a video viewer for youtube similar to the UE3 forum?

This is the code I am used to writing to get a video to be embedded in forum so ppl dont have to head over to you tube:


Currently in Rocket forum if I do this I just get a link, which requires an extra click and also requires that readers see the youtube link which does not stand out or look so fancy as a line of text

Example of a post of mine illustrating my concern (try to find the video link in post below):



Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your suggestion! At the moment we’re not planning on incorporating this feature before Rocket launch.