[REQUEST] Editor widgets needs some more widgets

With the new editor widgets added recently a new universe has been open for the devs. But there are some things missing now. In UMG there are exposed widgets that allow us to enter variables such a Strings(Editable text) and Floats (SpinBox), but that is all. And is fine for in game widgets, but the edtior widget require more than that. You can make editor widgets to set variables like Tags, Objects references and much much more. Widgets like that are used in the editor a lot, when making for example variables exposed and editables. I would love to see more widgets for this kind of things exposed to UMG.

TLDR: More widgets exposed to UMG, like the ones for setting Tags and all kind of variables, thinking on their potential use in Editor Widgets.

Hi! I’m glad you’ve been finding Editor Utility Widgets useful so far. I think for the cases you’ve mentioned, the single property view and details view widgets will help you the most! They format variables just as they are in the details panel in the editor.


Ty so much for ur response!! Turns out i am still in 4.22 and i couldnt see those. I am gonna upgrade soon :smiley:

Sounds good! Here’s an example of how to set up a single property view: