[Request] Editor setting to turn on/of the view icons move

When you are in the editor, and place a light for example or an entity and move the camera to the entities the icons in 3d go away or shift from the camera and that is annoying, i like an option to turn that like in udk a static 2d icon (no moving from the camera only face to camera but no move).

Hello Hevedy,

I am unsure of what you mean by ‘go away or shift from the camera.’ I attempted to re-create the issue you are seeing, but am not sure what to look for when moving around the level.

I created a simple point light in my scene, and pressed the ‘F’ key to focus my active viewport on that selected actor. I then zoomed in and around the icon to see if it ‘shifts’ from the camera.

The only thing I was able to observe was the billboard scaling while zooming in at really close distances. Is this what you are talking about?

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

When you move with the camera over the map and move to a icon/item/entity the icon in UE4 move to left or right or top or bottom or disappear and the icon size no change at the distance Example and the idea is turn on or off this (like now and like in udk icons)

Hello Hevedy,

We appreciate your request as this type of feedback allows us to improve our users experience with the Engine. I have entered the request into our internal reports system. The developers will review the information I provided to them for the request, and establish whether or not it shall be implemented in upcoming releases of the Engine.

Thanks again for the helpful input.


Andrew Hurley