[Request] Editor plugin to import assets from cusom mesh format

Can someone give me a good point of how to import assets into editor from custom mesh format and save it inside editor to .uasset file? Just one triangle with normals and UV coordinates will be enought as start point. I was looked into Fbx code but it pretty complex to understand and not a plugin at all (just wonder why?!?!).

If anyone doesnt reply before I get a chance. I’ll upload the code I have been using for importing a custom mesh. Not at my dev machine at the moment.

Can’t wait it. Put it on github if it’s possibe please. I’ll try to make a tortorial basing on it.

I have uploaded the code to my github, release zip can be found here:

The code consists of the following classes:

UCustomMeshFactory - This is the class that handles the actual importing of the custom file (Uses extension .custom and is a text file). I haven’t actually implemented any parsing of data. This can be added to “FactoryCreateText” function.
UCustomMesh - This is the class responsible for holding the data loaded in from the factory.
FAssetTypeActions_CustomMesh - This is the class responsible for customizing the asset appearance and actions in the content browser.

This only deals with the actual loading and creation of the asset, not of the mesh itself. If you need I can continue with the code and actually have it create and render a mesh.

Thank you very much for sharing! Very interesting in continuation if it’s really possible

I will update soon with actually loading a custom format and rendering the mesh and saving as a uasset

Sorry for resurrecting a long-dead thread, but is the code still available? The linked GitHub repository doesn’t seem to exist anymore, so I’d be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.