|Request| Debugging and workflow tutorial

I don’t yet feel that I’m taking full advantage of the debugging tools at my disposal. I think I would find an un-edited tutorial of someone working through a feature implementation in real-time very educational. I’m curious about other developers’ workflows, and most interested in the ways in which they gain insight into problems they encounter along the way.

I am in the process of porting some vehicle physics code from a project I was working on in Unity (as an exercise). I am making some progress, but it’s slow going. I think I’m doing a lot of guessing because I haven’t figured out my workflow yet. For example, I would like to draw rays on the screen, or observe the properties of a physics actor which is a child component of a blueprint while I move it around the level in play mode. There seem to be myriad ways to debug problems; I’m curious about some of the more popular techniques.

I’m working mostly in C++ at the moment, but I believe my inability to gain insight also applies to developing with blueprints. Hopefully this appeals to others, too, and someone more capable than I am is willing to share their process. Thanks!