[ Request] Convert Foliage into StaticMesh( Specifically for porting to Mobile)

As Instanced Static Meshes are not supported on Mobile, I’d love to be able to take my forests painted with the Foliage tool to be converted to a StaticMesh. This would allow me to create these assets for my desktop versions as well as mobile devices with a single tool. this would also allow me to export the meshes in an FBX file. I’m sure this is a VERY edge case as most content is developed for a specific platform, but it would make me happy :smiley:

I was about to do this myself just because I figured it would be easier than working in some 3rd party program I am not familiar with.

Converting landscapes into static meshes would also be great. :slight_smile:

Hi Zeusstiak,

You can export the heightmap of the Landscape you create, import that into your 3d modeling software and generate a static mesh from the heightmap image.