Request/Bug: WebSocket 8889/HTML5 to work by default and Android/iOS networking to work with server

Currently the Experimental WebSocket server on UE4 (dedicated) Windows 64-bit server (by VS2015) crashes when HTML5 tries to connect to the server at ws://a.b.c.d:8889.
Instead of making WebSockets as an substitute communications method on the server (instead of OnlineSubsystem), can you make it so that it will support both on the server?
This would allow all networking systems to connect to the same server at same time, depending on what platform the game is on (Windows 64-bit/Steam/HTML5/Android/iOS).

You have stated in some wiki/answer post that Android networking/connectivity should work out of the box if the server/client(s) were compiled of the same version of the game.
Currently this is not so.I’m not able to connect a working Windows Dedicated Server from Android Client (1R4u2), while i’m able to connect with Windows 64-bit Client just fine.
The Android Client “loads” for a while when executing “open a.b.c.d” command from console, but then crashes and shows the splash screen again with the default offline level.