{Request} Bluescript Tutorial for ranged combat (Shoot and get shot in Third Person)

So i literally scanned the entire internet for a tutorial (video or written) for how to make my third person character getting shot by an enemy and how to deal damage. There are various tuts on melee combat - though appear to be lacking too, but that’s not what i need. Maybe someone could outline broadly how to do this?

Working example unreal engine combat AI and gameplayajnksnfja - YouTube

Relevant BS

As i understand, basically you would need to cast line traces then call events such as Apply Damage and On Hit and substract health variables and create a death event which in turn calls the death animation and destroys an object after a while. Though, it is unclear if this would be better done with projectiles or if those are needed too.

Any suggestions or results would be great :slight_smile: Thanks

It looks like this upcoming stream could help you:

Just found this tutorial on an ranged enemy Shooter Game Tutorial: Prototype - Sci-Fi Enemy Brute

Update: Above combat is rather specific, and a bit messy, though you cna get some ideas. Going to check out this next -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B4lC9ajNkQ