[Request] Blueprint/C++ equivalent to material "FeatureLevelSwitch"

So, there was something I noticed when setting up some materials for my project. The experimental translucency lighting model released in 4.8 (surface per-pixel) reverted to the default material when used with SM4 or below. This in itself isn’t really a problem, but the ideal solution to this would be to have the game revert to the non-per-pixel surface translucency shader under these conditions. This got me thinking. I can easily create parallel materials that will work with SM4, but currently there seems to be no way to apply them.

The Feature Level Switch node in the material editor only allows access to the material nodes, not to the settings on the material. Because of this, I can’t change the lighting model based on the feature level. This wouldn’t be a problem if I could check the available feature level from blueprint, as then I could switch out the entire material.

This could allow games to support very modern features without having to worry about excluding lower end hardware, and would be a huge asset to the engine as a whole.

I’d like to re-iterate this question. The project I’m working on only has a few objects that absolutely require the SM5 feature set, and replacing those materials with SM4 compatible ones would only slightly decrease the quality of the visuals. It would be really nice to either be able to detect the current feature set outside the graphics pipeline (so entire materials can be swapped out), or be able to specify fallback materials for that case.

I know this was long ago but did you ever found a way to know the current feature level?