Request bleuprint tuto

i’m wondering if there’s some tuto that explain the role of the bleuprint nodes (at least the most important ones) for people who come from design background without programming skills.
Something like: the node → what we use it for → when we use it
i don’t want things like we grab this node then that node and this is our bp ready without any informations why we grabed those nodes specifically.
Than you :slight_smile:

Hey HAMZAest10…I think what you’re talking about is this following link over on Unreal’s page…it’s pretty good. I started from no background in any kind of game design and have learned how to piece things together with this section of their learning area. If you’re talking about something else…post a reply below.


Yes, this is exactly what i’m looking for
it’s the Unreal Engine Blueprint API Reference part
Thank you very much for the help.