REQUEST: Archive the old UE4 forums and start over

Its hard to please everyone. But I suspect this will be the end of the UE forums as we know them, and posts will be even fewer and of less quality going forward. Why? Because its too annoying to use Discourse for consuming 7+ years of past posts that were formatted for a completely different forum style. And lets face it, that’s where the gold actually is right now!

Overall, it would have been better to just close out / archive the UE4 forums after 4.27, similar to the sun-setting of UDK about a year or two after UE4 Launched. So why not make the old forums read-only, and then start over with the new UE5 forums? I urge the stakeholders to still do this if its possible. As you can’t take detailed free-form webpages with dense text, dense blueprint graphs, and dense C++, and fit that all into this ‘toilet-roll’ view. It doesn’t work… :confounded:

If after that, most users prefer the new ‘chat app emoji’ style for UE5, then great. But the new style seems better for short chats and not serious in-depth game dev discussion imo. Also Nanite, Lumen, Doubles, Verse, make UE5 substantially different to UE4, which means past UE4 discussions are less relevant now. So mixing up the two forums just brings more confusion. :wink:

I think it’s too late for backpedaling. A lot of topics gone along with some posts, google search results broken.

I don’t like the Discourse out of the box. But since it’s Open Sourced it can be tweaked as you want. And that’s great (ofc if Epic picked a self-hosted version).

Sure maybe its too late. But Epic may have cloned the old forums to avoid catastrophe when they froze them on the 6th April at 10pm EDT. If so, they may still have a version around that could be hosted read-only using the old format, which would be something at least. As mixing the old and new forums using the new format is breaking lots of things:

  1. The images in the @Everynone post here are dead:
    Blueprints Be Like

  2. The Spoiler tags are being ignored in posts by @devlyn811 here (images broken too):
    Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost AGAIN AND AGAIN - #57 by augustocunha

  3. The images posted here by @Jared_Therriault are also dead:
    Is there a way to Set Controller Pitch/Yaw instead of adding?

Plus PRINTING: Topics aren’t printing right (large black blobs inserted). If you’re a fan of making PDF’s for offline reading when commuting or stuck in an airport, then good luck with that!

What happens is that behind this there is a database of users. I don’t know for what purpose they are making the changes, but in the case of UDK, all those forums have been stuck and open because many paid some money. But I guess this is how a community is managed and there will be new significant changes everywhere, and for our part the only thing I see is to adapt.

Turning Javascript off, helps with printing issues. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Even the layout of a tutorial like this looks better! :wink:

@Amanda.Schade @VictorLerp
Still calling for an ARCHIVE of the UE4 Forums (in the original forum style).
To recap on the first post, all the likes / upvotes were lost in the upgrade.
That’s a huge problem in mega threads stretching out over multiple pages!

Bug reports & work-in-progress threads means endless scrolling / loading!
Also, without past up-votes, its tricky to see which posts are worth reading.
Imagine if AnswerHub lost all its voting, how much value would be left??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, here’s a couple of more forums upgrade fails to add to the BUG list:

  1. Would Big Tim still call this beautiful? Its a popular work-in-progress thread that has been decimated. So will it get fixed or forgotten about… Right now, the problem is, its filled with images of Blueprints Graphs, but this is a UDK-only project WTF?

  2. Why are replies getting double-posted or added to the end of each thread. They should just be nested replies, no??? Is this a bug specific to some browsers?