Request ai distance check

When an ai controlled player moves there should be an automatic check in the node. To check for other dynamic actors to avoid them. The setting can be a float for distance

This can be useful for different game play also. Like ex a npc doesn’t like my player setting the distance radius they will stay far away from them

Can’t you use an sphere collision volume for this?

When those actors overlap, you add them to, say, an array of actors. Then you’re tracing to those actors and outputting a float. When they leave the volume, you remove them from the array.

I think that would work. I guess i could increase the capsules radius. I don’t know how to add actors to an array

Create a member variable for the AI actor BP. When an actor overlaps the sphere collision, make sure it’s the kind of actor you want with an == node, then “add” that actor to the array. You’re adding a reference to that actor.

Let me scratch up a blueprint for you.

So you need to add a spherecollision volume to your actor, add an array of actor object references, then do the basic code below. On the other pin for the = node, you need to add the actor you’re filtering for.

Ill try to implement it. Appreciate your help! Thanks!