Request Ability to Choose Replication of bUseControllerRotationYaw

Dear Friends at Epic,

If this is already possible please do let me know :slight_smile:

I’d really like to be able to choose whether or not the variable


replicates for my Characters


I am loving UE4!!!


PS: if you’re wondering why its because the Rotation of the Character doesn’t seem to replicate proper behavior based on the status of bUseControllerRotationYaw, I can set bUseControllerRotationYaw to true or false and the replicated character will still rotate as if bUseControllerRotationYaw did not have its status changed.

I do have a work around so this is not an emergency issue, just something I thought I’d mention :slight_smile:

Hi, I believe this issue was fixed recently… can you try again in the next rocket build? In the mean time, you could always shadow the property and replicate it yourself (if you have made your own pawn class).

yes that’s what I’ve been doing, and it is working great,

so I will check in the next build

Thanks Dave!