Republic Sniper Screenshot Saturday Jan 17, 2015

Continuing on with our commitment from last week to do weekly #screenshotsaturday posts, here’s a few more WIP shots from Republic Sniper. We still focusing on the first two levels, “Training Day” and “Hangar”. The first three images are refinements to the Hangar Bar level blockouts, including the Flight Control Room (first image), small craft parking loft (#2), and the “stair hub” (#3). The rifle range from the Training Day level is a multi-purpose area. Here (#4),you can see a blockout of it set up for urban combat training.

Our levels are fairly large in scale for a mobile game, so one of our big concerns is performance, so another thing we did this week was add a whole mess of random walker AI bots to patrol one floor of the hangar bay. Fifteen of them. We’ve turned on FPS display for that level for this week’s internal build and are paying attention to framerates across different devices. So far, the performance has been great on the later generations of hardware, though we’re expecting to have to do some performance tuning for the older hardware (iPad 2, iPad Mini) as we get further along. It’s too early to optimize yet, but it’s never too early to know where our hot spots are likely to be.

As always, comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome. Feel free to follow us on Twitter if you want WIP shots other than #screenshotsaturday.

Thanks for looking!

Bonus screenshot: hostile bot swarm! This is a PIE shot and definitely not approved for public use, so I’d probably be in trouble for posting this one if I wasn’t the boss. :rolleyes:

The color of the bot’s text and joints gives us visual feedback about each bot’s current alert state to help us when working on AI logic. The color ranges from blue (not alerted) through green, yellow, orange, and then red (which indicates maximum alertness). Our bot character class has a number of options to let it communicate alertness to other hostile bots (nearby bots, bots within line of site, bots in same squad, bots within a certain distance, or all bots on level) and bots can optionally communicate the location where they last saw or heard something. The bots with yellow and orange were facing away when I entered the room, those that are red were looking at the door as I entered. Alertness if the biggest factor in many of our behavior tree decisions.