[Repro] 4.7 Preview - Cascade Colour Sliders Usability Issues

Although the Cascade colour modules were fixed to remove the upper clamp on Colour Values, you still have to type in any values over 1.0 that you want to use, which in Cascade is almost all the time for getting the effects of Bloom and such-like.

This is made more frustrating because as soon as you click on a slider to drag and adjust it’s colour in real-time, it re-sets to 1.0 again. it would be much more beneficial if we could drag these sliders freely up to whatever value we want, and perhaps it would be better to have the clamping between zero and one an optional check box?


  • Open Cascade and create an emitter with a colour-able material.
  • Add an initial colour module (or any colour module for that matter) and attempt to adjust the colour with the sliders, you’ll notice they will not allow you to go over 1.0
  • Type in discrete values above one and they’ll remain there.
  • Now try to adjust the slider after typing in, say 50, the slider will instantly snap back to 1.0 and prevent you from adjusting it correctly.

The sliders are intuitive, but not as they currently stand. Blueprint sliders adjust to whatever max value you type in, Cascade should probably follow that example.

Ace, thanks Eric!

Hey TheJamsh -

I have put in a feature request to see if we can have the Cascade color sliders work independent of the Color Picker sliders, currently they are directly connected which is causing the clamping to 0 and 1, for reference UE-9649

Thank You

Eric Ketchum