Repositoried project crashes for my partner, but works fine for me

Hello Guys!

So, I created a repository for the project I am working using GitHub. And I manage to upload the files. I can open it up, do changes and then submit commits, etc. It’s all working correctly on my end. However, I then shared the repository to a friend with whom I am going to be working. The projects downloads just fine from github. He can migrate assets there and upload them too using the gihub aplication.

However he cannot open up the project. It always crashes out. I dunno what could be the culpript on this, given that it opens up just fine on my end. I was hoping someone could tell us what we need to do or fix up so that he can open the project too and so we can work on the same game.

This is the project set up in GitHub.

Note, I thought maybe something i nthe config could be the problem. So I thought maybe we could have gitHub ignore the config folder so we can have our own folders, but I couldn’t get gitHub to do that. So at the moment, the whole thing is shared.


Cool! When I see him, I will tell him that! What version do you have installed? Is VS express good enough?

I had a similar issue on my team. This may be a long-shot but I installed visual studio and things started working for me again.

I did plain old visual studio. I didn’t select any of the optional settings though so you can save at least a little space (hopefully). Express may work though.