Replication Problem

I’m trying to show pawns in text render local value to everyone.
Here’s what I did:


This works if the client is looking at the server pawn, but if the server is looking at the client I expect that the value there will constantly decrease, but the value is constantly reset back. I understand that this value will reset the server, I tried to make a second variable for the client, but then the server did not see the values of the clients. In general, I am a little confused. I am not using RPC Cast because this value is being sent very often.

The blueprint is being run on the Server and the client. So what’s happening is that the server is increasing the value, and then every second the client sends an RPC to the server with with a lower value.

You can use “Is Locally Controlled” to make the blueprint only run on the local client.

Thank you so much, I forgot about the existence of this node.