[Replication] Non-replicated actor spawned by a replicated player, is being replicated

Im trying to spawn actors that are not replicated and the player who spawns it is the only one who can see it.
In the third image it’s possible to see that the server is not able to see the actors that it tried to spawn but he can see some of the other ones. Clients can see each other’s spawned actor (the actor is only the text above them. Exemple: “Life: 100”)
And in the 4th image you can see that begin play runs three times in every player, and i´m starting to think that this is a bug from the replication in Blueprints.
I´ve tried with many configurations, and always got the same result.

Is there any way to to make this work or is it really a bug?

Actors spawned on remote clients do not get replicated to the server. Most likely what is happening is that each client connected to your server is spawning its own local Actor that it controls – the server is not replicating ones that it spawned to them. This is not a bug. You need to guard your game logic that is in charge of spawning actors so that it only happens on the correct clients, or so that the server spawns them and only replicates them to the correct clients.