Replicating character mesh?

I am messing with some multiplayer stuff, I have movement replicating so you can see the proper animations of another player in game. I have it set up so when they connect it goes right to a team selection then class selection, which determines which skeletal mesh is used. I then ‘SetSkeletalMesh’ with the one for the class/team they picked. On the side of the player, you see it change. But when looking at them in game, from a different client, they do not change, they are the default skeletal mesh set up for that character.

Have tried having the server run the ‘setskeletalmesh’, replicated the variable that holds the skeletalmesh reference. Not sure what I am missing. Have been through loads of video tutorials and searched endlessly, have found nothing out there… as if ‘it should just work’… but it doesn’t.

Nobody? Nothing?

Hard to imagine nobody has changed the skeletal mesh on a Character in game.