Replicating animation that is triggered by a Message

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a melee game and I’m now at the stage of getting it to work with more than one player. I’ve set up my animation BP variables to be activated by Messages sent from the character BP via an interface BP (e.g. Left Click sends a message “is Attacking” to the animation BP which plays an attack animation.

The approaches to replication I’ve seen so far seem to use a different approach to triggering animations (e.g. casting to the character BP from the anim BP), and that approach relies on variables being set in the character BP rather than the anim BP (if I’ve understood them correctly). Is it possible to have the game replicate the Messages sent by my character BP to the anim BP, or will I need to re-design my logic so that it uses casting?

Sorry if that wasn’t very clear, I’m pretty new to this! Let me know if I can clarify :slight_smile: