Replicated particle system sometimes disappears


I have a small issue with a particle system I use in my game. Namely, it’s a particle system that gets activated / deactivated within a repnotify of a certain variable. The actual activation works fine. But once the particle system is activated it will sometimes randomly disappear on either the client or the server. At first I thought it was because of relevancy distance, but I set it to always relevant to see if that changes anything and it still happens just as much as before. So relevancy doesn’t seem to be the issue. So I’m really scratching my head as to what it can be then? Also, it can’t really be relevancy anyway, as relevancy wouldn’t turn it off when it goes out of distance it would simply stop updating the variable it’s attached to.

I’ve debugged around a bit and tried to see if it’s a distance based issue but I doubt it as the particle sometimes disappears even when I’m very close to it. Also, when the particle system disappears it doesn’t disappear on each client, it seems really random on which client it happens and sometimes it affects multiple clients, sometimes only one, sometimes many at once.

I really haven’t got the slighest idea what might be causing this. I would like to add that I’m really inexperienced when it comes to particle systems. I mean I can make pretty much anything I have in my head using Cascade, but when it comes to the detail and small features there’s a lot of them that I have never touched so maybe there is a setting in there somewhere that I don’t know about causing this? Perhaps some sort of performance saving feature that automatically deactivates a particle system if it meets a certain condition?