Replicated client function called on server (not on client)

I try replicate event from listen server to connected client and something goes wrong
look at my test blueprint:

When I run PIE with number players set to 2 - both messages prints on server side

from logfile:

LogBlueprintUserMessages: Server: Server String

LogBlueprintUserMessages: Server: Client String

my engine version 4.8.2

what am I doing wrong?
please help


I do some investigation: AActor::GetFunctionCallspace returns FunctionCallspace::Local for this actor because player controller not exists on server for remote character.

after update blueprint I can see, what blueprint affected too (check screenshot)

from log:

LogBlueprintUserMessages: Server: Controller NOT Exists

LogBlueprintUserMessages: Server: Client String

I don’t know is it bug or not, but BeginPlay occur on server before PossessedBy

as workaround i move all server related job in PossessedBy