Replicate animblueprint to All Clients

After an entire day of reading forum, answerhub, documentation, i need to post my problem here.
I have some trouble with replicating the anim blueprint to all clients
Basically i have a variable replicated for the head yaw rotation. The variable is replicated on server and on the owning client, but not to others clients.

This is my Setup:


ServerSetYaw ExecuteOnServer

This is The Result (I’m the left client )
As u can see the right client can’t see my head rotate.

What i’m doing wrong?

Try running a multicast custom event from server.

Tried ServerSetYaw -> SetYaw -> UpdateHead -> CallServerSetYawMulticast but it doesn’t work.

2 Day and half… got it working

Haha that looks pretty sweet man :wink:

If you don’t mind, you can post how you end up doing it just in case someone else tries to figure this out :slight_smile:

Ok no problem, but maybe there is some better way to replicate :D.

As proof of this post i’m not an expert in replication, so **maybe a multicast event should be better(?). <- If someone can answer **

First of all, without using TranformBone in anim blueprint, you need to create the AimOffset for the head. You can find one with all animation assets here. You need only:

  • HO_Center_Modular.uasset
  • HO_Down_Modular.uasset
  • HO_Left_Modular.uasset
  • HO_Right_Modular.uasset
  • HO_Up_Modular.uasset
  • HeadOffsetBlendSpacePitchYaw_Modular.uasset

Just grab and retarget to your skeleton and if HeadOffsetBlendSpacePitchYaw_Modular is broken recreate it

Then in the **Character **blueprint:


I take ClientRotation from a c++ function. Maybe i will post it later.

And then in the AnimBlueprint


Note: (4.7.5) FRotaton on server will differ from rotation of client. That’s why i convert back the rot from 360 to 180 (Source****)