Replay System with NPCs

I’m trying to make replay system work for quite some time now, although I made reasonable progress I’ve hit a wall again.

This time I can’t make npc work properly on replay.

They replicate fine in multiplayer as it can be seen here:

But they do not move at all on replay, as it can be seen here:

To make the player’s movement and actions acceptable on replay I had to record it on listen server (eg. “open Map?listen”), does this creates some consequences I am unaware?

The docs says that if the game is replication ready it should work fine, why is it not working? Is the DemoNetDriver that different from a normal NetDriver?
I only made the movement and hit detection replicate, the AI does not. Could this be the reason?

Now, I am only making process by trial and error but it is getting frustrating not understanding the replay system and trying to work with it. How could I understand it better? Reading the docs I could only get some vague idea of how networking in ue4 works and how it enables replay. If I have to read code I will, just where can I start?

Also, the docs does not explicitly says that the replays are shareable. Do replays recorded on a machine work on another one?

Thanks in advance.