Replacing the default floor with a room from Maya

Hi. I’ve built a simple game that is based in a single room. At first I thought I would just use the unreal default floor and walls and build a ceiling. But then I figured in Maya I can “reverse” a cube and that can be my room. However I’ve had a few issues with trying to get my characters to spawn in the room I imported from Maya.

I’m assuming there is no right answer but just wondering if most people just use 4 separate walls + floor for a room and configure it all in Unreal or whether they import the entire room put together in a 3D modelling packaging like Maya.


Both are viable approaches, you can either create a modular kit in Maya and import the pieces, after which assemble everything in Unreal, or set up your entire scene in Maya and import it.

The most likely issue here would be the collision of the imported mesh. By default, Unreal uses Simple Collision and unless you manually created collision for your model in Maya, it will be a fat block.

If that is indeed the problem, you can change it to use the original mesh geometry as collision by opening the Static Mesh Editor in Unreal, then changing its settings in the Details panel.
Look for Collision Complexity and set it to Use Complex Collision as Simple.

For more detailed meshes, you would want to create your own collision, as the default mesh would be too expensive and might result in unwanted functionality.