Replacing actor keeps old StaticMesh name in World Outliner

Hello community and dev-team,

I already posted this question in the Answer Hub and wonder if this is not bothering you when creating maps.

Following issue:

We’re building maps based on graybox(greybox, whitebox) reference meshes and later replacing these parts with new fitting hero assets.

Example: Wall is named “sm_wall_20x20_gb”. Later it’s going to be replaced with “sm_wall_panel01_cc”.

Big Problem: We have a lot of assets and once i replace an graybox mesh with an hero mesh, it still keeps the old name “sm_wall_20x20_gb” inside the World-Outliner.

After some research, it seems there is an feature request back for 4.11

Is there an hidden option or workaround to get the new actor name into World-Outliner when replacing an asset with another using the “replace actor with” function without renaming them by hand?

TLDR for Dev’s = How to auto-rename StaticMeshActor inside Outliner with StaticMeshComponent’s (StaticMesh) name during replacement.

Welp…help please :3

Have a good day,