Replacement for the <4.20 "BaseHuman" control rig?

The experimental “ControlRig” plugin used to have a Rig for the default mannequin, but it was removed in 4.20:

Removed: Control Rig has been completely redone and the previous BaseHuman has been removed and will not work anymore. If you wish to still use the previous Control Rig, this build will break it.

Would anyone like to get together to create a replacement to put on github? I’ve done some IK rigging for VR, and set up some of the twist correctives, but haven’t ever done serious animation rigging.

Starting with 4.0 I’ve found the best plan is to just wait and see what Epic has in mind. They are not in the habit of removing a key feature with out first having something better in mind and on more than one occasion I found this to be true so I would suggest waiting for 1-2 builds to see if they come up with a new and improved control rig as there base human offering is stuck in 1999. :wink: