Replace all nodes (Blueprints)

It would be great if there was a feature to take a variable in blueprints, and in one command, replace every node of that variable with another variable of the same class/struct. Whenever I take a BP template where all the variables were defined in BP, and replace them with a c++ version of that variable, going manually through all 200 of that variable’s appearance and click-replacing it is not fun at all. This could save many many hours, even days worth of completely tedious work. This is one gigantic drawback of coding in Blueprints over c++, or any written language for that matter. in C++, in virtually any text editor you can just “replace all” any text you want.

As a bonus, it would be nice if this feature was available for variables that have different structs, but those structs are supposed to represent the same thing (i.e. they have the same components). This would mean replacing nodes that the nodes you want to replace are attached to. Though I see how this could be much harder to implement. The first feature would be plenty.

You can use this plugin, which supports searching and replacing nodes:Home · qwaszxasas/AAA Wiki · GitHub