Rep notify in actor component firing only on server, bug or feature?

Rep notify in actor component doesn’t fire on clients when calling the method from another actor.

Scenario: dedicated server is on, player pawn has ‘health’ replicated component with CurrentHealth float with rep notify flag > using healing item which is an actor owned by player > healing item calls ‘health’ components method via interface call > CurrentHealth rep notify fires only on server.

Calling multicast method from rep notify does fire it on clients.

What’s going on and is it intended?

Umm, fixed by cleaning intermediate and saved folders…

Actually not fixed, deleting the folders cleared my setup so I’ve checked with dedicated server off, when turned on it’s same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just checked and it replicates new float value as intended (I didn’t even have to check ComponentReplicates variable). What’s the ReplicationCondition set to?

Can you share blueprints set up, maybe there is a little bug and we can help you to catch it up?

Ok I found the cause, kind of: in order to heal the player I first self damaged him but it was happening only on client. If I run it properly then all the rest works.
Not sure why local damage to health would modify replicated value tho, thought only server can do that and setting it on client is ignored.