Rendering: Trimming the Fat

Have a question to ask. Does anyone have any recommendations for engine optimization which would include removing unused render buffers? I am using a workflow that requires no lighting from UE4. I wasn’t sure if any buffers were drawing that don’t need to be.

We have an external baking system. All baked textures go into an unlit shader with sampled reflection cube maps for reflection. Just to give you an idea. There seems to be so much built into the idea that if you are using UE4, you are using dynamic lighting. Even the reflection capture sphere and box rely on a dynamic lighting system in order to use Parallax cube mapping. Wish I could just place cubemaps in 3D having them blend between eachother using a static cubemap image. This would be great for VR so you could give better depth control for the reflections.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Epic Game’s Oculus Connect presentation has some trimming recommendations. Skip past all of the VR stuff.

Thanks for the link Camron. There is some excellent information in there. Curious to know more about the reflection setup they used for VR which seems to have been non existent in the document.