Rendering OffScreenIndicator problem

Hi Everyone, I am new here.
Recently, I am working a project which likes a FPS game. I am using UMG to make a off screen indicator. It works fine in the normal mode.
But in the VR mode, the indicator can’t show up correctly. What I expect is the indicator can show in the left and right screen in Oculus. But it seems that the engine
makes the two screen as a whole one. The indicator moves like in the normal mode.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks!

The problem could be that your UMG is in screenspace which will cause that effect. The fix for this in VR is to project the indicator in front of the camera. I find 50 units a good value to work with but that’s a slightly generous distance.
I created an offscreen indicator for this purpose based on the code examples available (TheJamsh and JeffLamarche) but it’s got some issues in certain scenarios, such as 6-DOF environments. You probably fixed this by now but I thought I would post a reply in case others see this in their travels.